Customise your Pop Up Base - Momasolar

December 14, 2022

The MOMA Solar Pop Up Base is the perfect portable solution for mounting your lighting and equipment.

This is a water fillable base that is easily transported by hand when empty (37kg), or by forklift when full (637kg).

The base also comes with a swivel joint pole at a height of 4m or 6m.

Want something that blends in? We have 20+ neutral colours available to suit most surroundings.

Want something that stands out? We have neon colours available to increase visibility.

Check out our Landscape Series  for all the new colour options available.

The base can also be customised to show your logo, brand or message via a stencil, decal or a wrap.


MOMA Solar can place a custom stencil on your bases to suit your message.


We can provide semi-permanent decals allowing the Base to be used for multiple events where different branding may be required.


Also available on request are full base wraps allowing the total surface area of the base to be utilised for your message.


Contact MOMA Solar for more information.