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April 20, 2022

MOMA Solar is keenly aware of the changes in modern investors needs. As a company focused on the environment, we believe it is important to be open and transparent. The following blog will address some of the key questions ESG investors may have for us as an environmental company:

Our Environmental Efforts

Renewable Energy Products

All MOMA Solar products function on renewable solar energy and produce zero emissions. Our goal is to provide accessible, reliable, and high-quality solar products to industrial sectors that would benefit most from a large scale change to renewable energy sources.


How we manage waste from our solar products

Our products are designed and engineered with longevity in mind. This allows us to better manage waste from our products through prevention and repairs. By ensuring our products last their full lifespan we reduce the amount of waste that has to be deposited into landfill. All products are made of majority recyclable materials wherever applicable, and we keep spare parts in stock to further reduce waste of a full unit when damage or faults occur. Our Pop-Up bases are also made of recyclable MDPE plastic that can be repurposed at the end of their 25-year lifespan.


How we handle possible pollution from our products

Our lighting range is a zero-emissions product air pollution is reduced. The MDPE plastic of the bases does not leak chemicals into the water when filled making it safe to empty without contaminating the ground or waterways around it. All our batteries hold a 7-year lifespan. When this lifespan is reached, we offer replacement batteries and take the old ones to be recycled at reputable recycling facilities, reducing any risk of pollution due to improper disposal.


Our opinion on climate change

MOMA Solar acknowledges the reality of climate change and the effects it is having and has had on our environment. This is why we focus on sustainability, both within our products as well as how they are installed and used. All MOMA Products are designed with reduction in environmental impact in mind. Our MOSLX Solar Street Light Fittings are designed with compatibility in mind. We supply adaptors to suit existing pole ODs to reduce the need to install new poles unnecessarily, we also supply lighting engineering to our clients at no additional cost to reduce the need to buy large quantities when fewer units can safely cover an area's needs. All our products are Zero Emission products and we offset our remaining Carbon Footprint from operation and transport through Carbon Neutrals Plant-A-Tree program.

All business operations are undertaken with the ongoing effects of Climate Change in mind. By offering alternatives to electrical lighting to large scale industries we can assist in this shift to renewable energy sources as the standard choice across Australia.


Our Social Efforts

Workplace Policies

All polices relating to diversity, inclusion, harassment, and bullying can be found on our Policies and Procedures page, policies 1-5. These policies are regularly reviewed and edited as needed in line with government standards and expectations.


Training and Education Opportunities 

As of the next financial year we will be enacting training programs within our organisation. As the company has been going through a growth phase, we have spent the last few years focused on building the business, the brand, and the team. Now that we are settled in and are able to dedicate more time to reviewing areas, we may be lacking in terms of employee self-improvement. The training programs we are looking at include cultural awareness training, leadership training and marketing training. Each training program will benefit us as a team and as individuals as we feel more confident in our daily tasks in reference to our respective job titles and responsibilities.


Company management and employee input 

With a small team we have more opportunities to work collaboratively on the business, gain input from one another and take on different viewpoints and opinions that allow us to function better as a team and as a business.

We conduct weekly meetings to address ongoing projects, tasks, and operations. Looking at areas where we need to improve or seek assistance with. These weekly meetings allow us to pool our skills and contacts together. This allows us as a team to strengthen our working bond and share our skills in a manner that lets us all improve in areas of operation we may not normally be actively involved with.


Our Mission Statement

About our Company

MOMA Solar is a certified Australian Owned and Manufactured Solar Lighting Company who focus on working with the environment and using the resources available, at no cost to run.

We are a national provider of renewable energy lighting solutions, specializing in solar LED products in commercial/industrial sectors. One of our biggest driving factors is to create positive environmental change by developing sustainable solutions at an affordable price.

We provide a large variety of services and products, with both temporary and permanent solutions for solar lighting needs – including Street Lighting, Marine and Bird Friendly Lighting, Radar Speed Signs, Vandal Proof Bollards and more.

MOMA Solar holds the Philosophy of “A Better Future for All” and we work hard every day to uphold this through our work ethic, our inventions, local manufacturing, our services, and our product development.
The Purpose of MOMA Solar To provide high quality, long lasting, zero emissions solar products to mining, government and construction sectors.
Where are we located? Our main warehouse and office are based in Canning Vale, Perth WA. We also attempt to use local manufactures wherever possible within driving range to our warehouse to reduce emissions from travel and support local business and the WA economy.
Who are our clients and customers? Our main clients and customers are through the industrial lighting industry. Sectors such as Mining, Government and Construction. We are also able to make bespoke solar set ups to suit all applications upon request.
Our quality dynamics. All MOMA Solar products are reviewed for functionality and quality wherever possible. We take in customer feedback, identify any issues or concerns, and ensure they are addressed and resolved so our customers feel confident in our products.
Why is our work important? As the Australian Government pushes towards the 2050 Net Zero Goal, we are providing some of the key sectors high in energy usage with zero emission solar products. The switch over to renewable energy products will assist these sectors cut down on their energy usage and overall carbon emissions. Ensuring large industry has access to reliable, renewable energy products is key to changing how we think about energy usage and how we can better adapt and change in the future to address climate change and its effects.

Please note: Mission statement is current as of March 2022

Our customer relationship

The manner in which we operate as a business puts communication at the top. Customers and clients are always informed of changes to pricing, lead times and any discontinued stock. We also follow up with our clients to ensure the product is functioning as it should and assist them with any issues, troubleshooting or repairs. We also offer installation and lighting designs to our clients to ensure the lighting they are receiving is fit for purpose, in line with Australian standards and installed as to ensure longevity of the product.


Our stance on Human Rights

Our Human Rights Policy can be found on our Policies and Procedures page, policy 6. This outlines our commitment to adhere to human right guidelines as presented by the United Nations and we regularly review the Policies and Procedures in relation to Human Rights.


Charities we are involved with

At the moment MOMA Solar is involved with Carbon Neutral and the Variety Bash 2022. Carbon Neutrals Plant-A-Tree Program assists us in reducing our Carbon Footprint cause by day-to-day operation. All carbon is offset from the transportation of our MOSLX Light sales through this program. This program restores natural flora to the Yarra Yarra Region, restoring it to its original state after being cleared for farming land. This will promote the original ecosystems to return and benefit the overall health of the land.

The Variety Bash is our contribution back to the community. Raising money for children living with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, learning disabilities and more. We will be taking part in the long road trip from Hyden to Northam with the support of our sponsors. This will be MOMA Solar’s first charity involvement of this nature and we hope it will be the first of many.


OurGovernance Efforts

How we manage the interests of our suppliers, shareholders, and customers

By ensuring our policies, procedures and quality documentation are reviewed and updated regularly we are able to ensure we have the capabilities to deliver quality products and services to our customers. Ensuring we are able to express our needs to our suppliers and work together to improve our products and services and therefore keep our customer relationships positive and strong. This then plays into the interests of our shareholders by creating a dynamic that allows for minimal risk, positive feedback, and a stronger brand reputation.

We regularly follow up with our customers after a sale to ensure the product is working to their satisfaction and assist with any questions or queries they may have. This allows us to maintain a relationship with our customers, allowing them to feel confident to contact us anytime should they need assistance. We also regularly post on our social media programs with new projects, product updates and company updates, keeping customers, shareholders, and all interested parties up to date with what is going on within our business.


Business focused policies

Polices related to our business that do not focus on turnover, quarterly returns or overall earnings can be found our Policies and Procedures page, policy 7-9 . While as a business we are aware that in order to be successful we need to break even, we do not hold numbers as a priority in our daily operation. Taking time to focus on our products and our customer relationships is a priority as this allows us to build the foundations of our business and brand in the quality over quantity manner we desire.


How we ensure employee, shareholder and customer satisfaction

 In order to ensure satisfaction of all parties we first focus on documentation. Allowing our employees access to review and update documentation gives them confidence that the information they are passing along to the client is accurate and suitable for each individual situation. This then allows the client to feel comfortable with their product choice and therefore leaves them satisfied with the purchase. We then book in a time period based on project scale and timeline to follow up with the client to check on how they are finding the installation or functionally of the product and follow up on any negative or positive feedback to further influence how we can improve this product and our service in the future. This reassures our stakeholders that satisfaction of all parties is a key end goal within our day to day operations. Improving our brand reputation and our client relationships is essential.