MOMA Solar is proud to be part of the Coates Greener Choices Range. - Momasolar

September 29, 2022

The MOMA Solar Pop Up Solar Street Light is featured in the Coates Greener Choices Range, released in June 2022, providing customers with more sustainable hire equipment options.

The Coates Circular Economy concept tracks the full lifecycle of equipment from design and manufacturing to customer use and finally to its end-of-life journey. This allows thinking beyond just how the equipment will be used in real world applications and ensures equipment has a sustainable start and a sustainable end.

MOMA Solar abides by this concept with our Pop Up Base. Starting from the design which uses a recyclable and durable MDPE, with a 25year+ lifespan and a UV20 rating which allows for long term use thus reducing the build-up of waste over time. The bases are also manufactured locally in WA and VIC, reducing transportation costs, whilst supporting the Australian economy. When in use the MOMA Solar Pop Up Solar Street Lights produce zero emissions, use no fuel and produce no noise. When the unit reaches the end of its life it can be cleaned and recycled or repurposed to further reduce the creation of waste.

As Coates strives towards its Net Zero 2050 goal, we are proud to provide a Zero Emissions product that makes Solar LED Lighting accessible for numerous applications.

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