Reduce your emissions. Choose Solar over Diesel. - Momasolar

April 05, 2023

When beginning any project that requires temporary lighting a diesel powered option has often been the most readily available lighting choice. With new advances in technology there is now a range of Zero Emission lighting options that are available to all.

The MOMA Solar Pop Up Module produces zero emissions, requires no cabling or specialised equipment and produces no noise making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Whether it is for a short term or long term installation, the impact & cost of diesel lighting towers& fuel  has to be considered. As Australia looks toward its net zero 2050 goals, generation of energy is one of the largest hurdles to cross.

See below for more benefits of the MOMA Solar Pop Up Module over a traditional Diesel Lighting tower

 MOMA Solar Pop Up Lighting  Light Tower Diesel Generator 

Easy Maintenance 

  • Water recover system 
  • Fast fill water inputs
  • 20+ year base life expectancy 
  • Non-hazardous 12VDC system 

Maintenance Required 

  • Check fuel level/calibration/tyres 
  • Oil and Filter changes required 
  • Check electrical functionality 
  • 240VAC safety compliances

No Running Costs 

  • No cost to run
  • Autonomous unit (turns on at sunset and off at sunrise) 

Running Costs 

  • Refuelling needed
  • Labour costs for maintenance and manning of the unit 

Environmentally Friendly 

  • No emissions
  • No noise pollution
  • Marine/Bird friendly LED options
  • Made of recyclable materials 
  • Directional LEDs to reduce light spill

Environmental Risks 

  • Potential for fuel spills 
  • Creates emissions
  • Noise pollution impacts residents and local fauna
  • Light pollution 

Efficient Transport

  • Can be carried by hand
  • Empty base - 37Kg, Full base - 600Kg+
  • Stackable 
  • Fits on pallets
  • Fitted with forklift slots and easy lift handles 


  • Requires lifting device 
  • Expensive to transport 
  • Weighs ~1T or more 
  • Limited manoeuvrability 




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