Zero Emission Lighting for your Next Event - Momasolar

November 23, 2022

Looking for a more sustainable lighting solution for your next event?

The MOMA Solar Pop Up Temporary Light is ideal for events of any size or location. Leaving behind no trace our Pop Up Module is easy to transport, easy to store and produces zero emissions.

The Pop Up Module will turn on and off automatically as the sun sets, reducing staff responsibilities and allowing you more time to focus on the event itself. The Pop Up Base can also be customised with decals or wraps to highlight your brand or event and provide additional advertising space.

Other benefits of the Pop Up Module include:

  • No noise
  • No cabling
  • No running costs
  • Durable and difficult to climb design
  • Tamper proof bungs
  • Padlock-able pole for security
  • Stackable for easy storage
  • Fitted with handles and forklift slots for easy transportation and setup

    If you are looking for a zero emission lighting solution for your next event Contact us Today.