Commercial and Construction - Momasolar

The whole MOMA Solar Product range is suitable for commercial and construction applications, Below is list of our most relevant products and how they best suit different applications within this sector.

The Water Filled Base: Best suited for construction as this pop up light is a short term, portable solution to onsite lighting. Our Pop-up Lighting has been installed in car parks, as an alternative to lighting when grid powered lighting is inaccessible or to light pathways and pedestrian crossings that need extra visibility.

The MOSLX Series: Our solar street lighting can be attached to our Pop Up base and they also come with a 60mm Spigot that allows fitting to most standard poles. Our MOSLX Lights can replace grid powered lighting, fitting onto existing poles with no additional ground work required.

The Solar Speed Sign: Our Solar powered Speed Sign is ideal for areas with speed limit changes as a reminder to drivers or as a reminder to slow down in construction/roadwork areas. It is fully customisable to different running times as well as different speed settings. Our Solar Speed Sign fits onto our Water Filled Base making it easily transportable, reusable and boast a low environmental impact in comparison to other temporary electronic speed sign alternatives.

We have partnered with Coates to encourage the hire of our solar Pop-Up units all over Australia. If you're ever driving past a patch of roadworks you can bet you'll see one of our pop-ups sitting in the yard ready to help light your and the workers way and illuminate an area safely.

Click here to find out more about hiring our Solar Pop-Up Units through Coates.

We have also Partnered with GEOCOUNTS to work alongside Vic Roads. GEOCOUNTS have used our pop-ups to install Traffic Impact Stations which collect data on emissions, pedestrian traffic and air quality. The portability of our pop-ups is ideal for this application as GEOCOUNTS have control over where the impact stations are placed and can move them as necessary to areas that will provide the best possible data with ease.

Learn more about this project here.

MOMA Solar's products cater to this sectors needs in sustainable lighting options. We can assist this sector through our bespoke lighting designs to ensure all temporary lighting is up to local council standards to ensure the safety of all personnel during night works.

Our Pop-Up has been designed to be low labour, low maintenance and requires no specialised equipment for transportation.

Check out our tutorial hereto see how easy installation of our Pop-Up set up is!