Council (Government Bodies) - Momasolar

As Local Council is so diverse with individual needs from area to area that we can suggest almost the whole MOMA Solar range as suitable!

But our most popular products within out Council contacts are:

The Vandal Proof Bollards (MOVPB) which have been used for multiple applications all around local councils. From pathway lighting to Park lighting, community building lighting and office lighting. they are ideal for council's as they are made of durable diecast aluminium, making them perfect for all environments from costal areas to rural areas. They also come in two mounting options; Direct buried which is ideal for areas prone to vandalism, as this method id incredibly durable and tamper resistant, and base plate mounted, which is ideal for concreted areas in need of additional lighting.

The Solar Speed Sign which is perfect for areas where local councils have noticed speed limits being broken or ignored (such as school zones or residential areas). Our Solar Speed Sign is ideal for both temporary and permeant installation and can help remind the community of areas they need to slow down to ensure safety of themselves and their community.

Our Batten Lights are perfect for lighting areas such as bus stops, park gazebos and public undercover areas. The light and solar panel come connected by a 5m cord that allows flexibility of placement for undercover lighting. This product is also ideal for areas that may be struggling with public areas that cant get wired lighting with the added benefit that this lighting will be no cost to run, allowing for it to stay on constantly in areas that need it for safety applications.

The MOSLX Series is ideal for areas looking to upgrade, replace or newly install their lighting. The MOSLX Series comes fitted with a 60mm spigot making it suited to fit most standard poles, we also offer adapters for poles that may be larger or smaller than our standard 60mm spigot. This makes local councils looking into upping their sustainability goals as our lights will run off solar power only, will work at no cost to run and will require no additional disturbance of land to install.

Our Water Filled Bases are also an ideal product for any councils looking for temporary lighting options either for additional lighting while construction is underway, for community events or even just for a non-permeant lighting solution that does not further any environmental impact or disturbance.

Our main goal within this sector is to make solar lighting an accessible and inviting solution to local lighting needs. as we grow as a nation we move ever forward with our goal to become a carbon neutral nation and in order to achieve this a good place to start is but making sustainable energy a standard option when looking into upgrading or newly installing any kind of lighting.

In order for us to strive towards a more sustainable future as a nation, steps need to be taken at a larger scale than we can do as individuals. Local council is a great place to start taking these larger steps. Community areas, suburban street lighting and public areas need constant lighting for safety reasons and we are able to provide a solution that not only cuts emissions and costs but will also encourage the state as a whole to make the move towards sustainable energy a standard.

MOMA Solar have been certified as members of WALGA allowing us a better insight into what local councils need in terms of sustainability and lighting. This also gives us plenty of connections to work with within the WALGA community, ever pushing us forward to becoming an ideal supplier.

We are aware of the common problems Local councils face (from vandalism to theft of any and all public property) and therefore are forever striving towards making products that are tamper proof, vandal proof and theft proof. We do this in a number of mays, from product engineering and design, to material choice and even just through placement and mounting options. We are prepared and ready to assist local councils with any issues the commonly encounter, working together towards and solution and providing products that are suitable and reliable.