Mining (Heavy Industry) - Momasolar

Products we have found the most effective in this sector are:

Our innovative pop-up bases (Water and sandfilled)

Our MOSLX Solar Street Lights

and our Vandal Proof Bollards

We recommend these products based on previous experience working in the mining sector. Our water and sand filled bases have been ideal for Mining Camps as they offer a no-dig solution to temporary lighting, easy to move if conditions change and can be reused for future camp sites. the same principal applies to our Vandal Proof Bollards as they come in both a direct buried and base plate mounted option that allows them to be a low environmental impact option for lighting pathways, buildings and storage containers. Our MOSLX series have been previously installed on conveyers to great effect as well as being used for general lighting and as a low energy usage/cost solution to grid powered lighting.

We have also developed an Enhanced series of lights that are ideal for high dust areas. Fitted with a smaller LED output and a larger Battery and Solar panel, this series allows for more sunlight to be absorbed and stored than what can be outputted by the LEDs. This creates a unit with more efficient charging, more autonomy days and further reliability when it comes to ensuring lights stay on.

If you would like to know more about our enhanced series contact us today.

MOMA Solar has worked with mining companies all over Australia and have found the best ways to assist in this sector is by listening.

Mining corporations are vocal about their needs regarding reliability and durability. This makes it easy for us to adapt and ensure our products are suitable for all applications whilst providing current and up to date data and addressing all questions regarding product performance.

Our sand filled bases have been designed for mine sites. Some locations on site are not suitable for large containers of water so a sand filled base offers an alternative that is still lightweight to carry to site, uses resources available at site and can become semi permeant if necessary. Our Giraffe Pole system allows lights to be regularly cleaned and maintained without the need for working at heights (The poles can be applied to both permanent and temporary installations).

Our bases are category A and B wind tested for regional areas with high wind concerns and our panels are easy to clean with soap and water for high dust areas.

We have also developed products that can continue autonomous battery maintenance in low light areas and reduce the chance of the battery depleting due to low light or dim weather conditions.

The key takeaway from working with the mining industry is that mining is always looking ahead. This makes our job of designing ideal solar lighting solutions very simple as we know exactly what problems might be encountered and thus how to adapt or suggest a solution that will best alleviate these future concerns.

Here at MOMA Solar we take great pride in our high quality products. Our products require minimal maintenance and repair, as well as lowering ongoing costs after the initial installation. The reliability and consistency of our products is ideal for the mining sector.