Our sustainability Practices and Policies - Momasolar

MOMA Solar is forever evolving with the Sustainable energy market. We work hard to practice what we preach and  provide not only sustainable lighting solutions but also at making the process and products as sustainable as we can.

We look not just at the material our products are made from but also at the suitability of our internal processes, producing our products and shipping our products out to our customers. Moving close to our manufactures to reduce transportation impact and providing long lasting, quality products to reduce the energy output of manufacturing each product we stock as well as reducing the risk of creating waste that may end up in landfills due to constant repairs and replacements.

At MOMA Solar we believe reducing, reusing and recycling. When lights are reported to have
faults or broken parts we repair them for our customers to reduce as much waste as possible going to landfill. We believe in providing high quality products that will need few repairs over their lifetime to overall reduce the chances of any of our lights making their way to landfill. 

Because of this mentality we rarely have any parts that require going to recycling facilities or landfill. therefore we intend to work harder to ensure this mentality is maintained as we progress as a front runner for sustainable solar companies.

Our lights are made from aluminium and glass. Our poles are all made from aluminium and our pop up bases are made from MDPE, a type of recyclable plastic. Using these materials gives us reliable and sturdy results while also being majority recyclable to assist our overreaching company goal of increasing sustainability practices within our product production and development. 

MOMA Solar is working with Carbon Neutral to plant a tree for each MOSLX Light sold in order to try and offset our own carbon output. Unfortunately, we will not be able to reach 100% carbon neutral for a number of years yet but we do aim to reduce as much as we possibly can. Such as moving our main office closer to our manufactures in order to cut down on travel emissions and starting to manufacture in Victoria to cut down further travel emissions when making our products more readily available over east.

Check out our listing on the Carbon Neutral Website

The casing of our lights and our poles are both made out of aluminium which can be melted and reused multiply times when it has reached the end of its life. Our solar panels and our LED Lights are made from glass which can also be reused and recycled. Our bases are made from MDPE which can be cut up and recycled or reused for new projects or repurposed as display units for our warehouse.