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Solar lighting has evolved so much in the last few years in terms of functionality and technological advances. Solar energy is a free resource that has been under utilised in Australia for a long time due to concerns about unreliability and availability of good quality, easy to set up systems.

MOMA Solar's goal is to push back against these solar energy concerns and prove ourselves as a sustainable, accessible and economical lighting solution provider.

As Australia works towards a national Renewable Energy Target (RET), MOMA Solar is here to help by providing easy to use, accessible, Australian made and manufactured industrial solar products.

Solar lighting is considered a sustainable and renewable source of energy by the Australian government. At MOMA Solar we don’t just focus on the sustainability of the technology itself, we also focus on the sustainability of the products overall life span from shipping to discarding. We try our best to source locally to reduce transportation costs, we are also ever improving our recycling techniques and practices to reduce the amount of E-Waste from our lights that goes to landfill. However, before recycling even crosses our minds, we will try our best to repair all lights returned to us in the hopes that they can extend their lifespan further and further. Practising Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at all steps in our process from our Warehouse, to site and back again is at the heart of our company’s practice. 

For more information on how we reduce our E-waste see our Suitability and Policies page.

Here at MOMA Solar we are constantly improving and updating our products to make them more reliable. Our batteries have quality management systems to better regulate change usage and avoid the risk of running flat, our product parts are easy to change or repair if needed and we listen to our clients feedback to identify areas of concerns with reliability and reinforce those areas to better elevate these concerns.

Solar lighting is a long term solution. This means that after the initial cost it has the ability to "pay itself off" through cutting down on running costs and maintenance costs.

Our MOSLX Solar Street Lights cost nothing to run, as they will only pull from the energy obtained through sufficient solar charging, and require very little maintenance in the form of quarterly checks to ensure proper light function and annual cleaning of the solar panel to remove dust, dirt and debris that may be prohibiting the battery from getting efficient charge.

For more information about our MOSLX series have a look at our Temporary orPermanentlighting solutions.

The MOSLX lights will operate after 3-4days of rainy or cloudy weather. The UV charge is normally around 50% less on cloudy days compared to sunny days. Obviously, this percentage can change depending on cloud cover and rain conditions. The lights have an in-built battery management system and also can control light output if the batteries are running low. This ensures the lights keep operating. We have also recently upgraded our MOSLX lights to a 15 hour timer to better fit into those longer winter nights.

The main benefit of solar lighting (outside of running costs) is its ability to reduce environmental impact. Our Pop-Up solar range is designed to allow the base to leave virtually no trace with a no dig, no wiring and no cable set up that allows you to simply place the unit on firm ground and choose your lighting mode. Our permanent solar lighting collection only requires the poles to be placed into the ground and supported with no additional digging for underground wiring. The lack of underground wiring on all our products also allows any repairs to be made accessible above ground without the need to further dig and disturb the ground to fix faulty wiring or rusted wires. This low impact feature is the main reason why we believe solar lighting is a great choice over most traditional lighting options.

Our MOSLX Solar Light Collection is only sold in Australia through MOMA Solar. This allows us to have unique features in our lights and better quality control their output. For example, our MOSLX lights are fitted with a Monocrystalline Solar Panel that takes charges better than other materials on the market, our battery is not lithium based but instead is LIFEP04 which has less risk of explosion or damage when used long term, our LED lights are high quality (Phillips) allowing for better lighting output.